Advantage Car Rentals – Top Choice For Rental Vehicles

In an industry where product quality and customer service are critical to success, Advantage Car Rentals stands out from the competition. The company headquarters are located in Texas, and Advantage Car Rentals has grown over the past 50 years to service nearly 300 locations worldwide, half of which are in the US. The private rental company works with customers who need vehicles for vacation, business trips, or local travel. Advantage has a strong presence thanks to a network of airline and hotel partnerships, and they are a rental company you can trust.

Marketing and Rewards Program

With more than 15,000 rental vehicles in their fleet, Advantage dominates the renal market in the Southwest. Advantage Car Rentals even has a loyalty program for frequent renters called the Advantage Green Rewards Program. You earn credits with each rental that can be redeemed for free rentals, perks, and privileges, or even travel certificates. If you travel a lot for business and would like to donate your accumulated points to charity, the Green Rewards Program has several charity partnerships. You earn points quickly, because every day you have a rental, 50 reward points are credited to your account. The points never expire, and can be redeemed for valuable discounts as soon as your total reaches 180 points.


In addition to standard car and truck rental services, you get more with Advantage. Car rentals have never been so easy! The Advantage pick up and drop off service allows you greater flexibility in your travel planning – a rental can be returned to any Advantage service station around the country. Book your reservation online, over the phone, or in person. You will find vehicles of all sizes from every major brand, including Honda, Toyota, GM, Mazda, and Ford. Add an insurance plan to your rental for anything that your personal insurance won’t cover, and enjoy the luxury of stress-free travel. Other features available with Advantage car rentals include GPS, child seats, and Fast Passes for toll roads.

Discounts Through Advantage Car Rentals

Check online before making your reservation for any promotional discounts that Advantage is offering. There are also lower rates available for seniors, members of the Easy ID auto club, and US military personnel. You will also get your GPS navigation system for free if you make your reservation three or more days in advance. Worried about additional fees upon returning your vehicle? There’s no need to worry with Advantage rental cars – they give you a one hour grace period for late returns, and have no hidden fees in their contracts. In fact, for rentals that you will be driving heavily, you can have the distance allowance increased up to 3500 km per day.

Advantage Car Rentals is the company to choose for high quality, reliable rental vehicles at reasonable prices. A representative can work with you to design a rental agreement that is customized to meet your needs, while protecting your personal information and privacy. You won’t find this level of customer service or professionalism from any other rental agency.

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